Ready, Set, Shoot!

Happy Belated New Year! We had a slight set back after the first of the year which caused a delay in the studio being 100% done. Unfortunately the wrong doors were purchased for the furnace room which was causing the furnace to stop working. Essentially the lack of ventilation was starving the furnace causing the space to get into the 50's - way too cold! We have replaced the doors with louvered bi-fold door in white to match the space while giving the furnace what it needs to work properly. 

While we were at it we replaced the bathroom door as well. The previous door was brown and smushed in on both sides. It had seen better days. It was not the clean, crisp look that I was hoping for. Even with fixing the old door it was more cost effective to simple replace it. 

The guys spent 3.5 hours taking off trim and hanging the new doors last weekend. All that is left is some minor touch up painting and to hang up samples inside and outside of the studio space. I am beginning to set appointments in the studio to finish us off for the month of January. Feel free to use the Take Action now button to get on the books!