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National Business Women's Week Spotlight - Janine Faber (Med, RDN, LD), Janine Faber Nutrition, LLC

This week is national business women’s week. To celebrate I am going to introduce you to a few business women I know here in the Greater Cincinnati area who are power houses! 

Janine Faber (Med, RDN, LD), founder of Janine Faber Nutrition, LLC in greater Cincinnati, Ohio

Janine Faber (Med, RDN, LD), founder of Janine Faber Nutrition, LLC in greater Cincinnati, Ohio

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine who recently has gone into business for herself. Her name is Janine Faber (Med, RDN, LD). Janine is registered dietitian, nutrition consultant and a media spokesperson. Janine received her Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from Miami University in Ohio and attended Virginia Tech’s Dietetic internship in Northern Virginia. She also has a Master of Education in Health Promotion from the University of Cincinnati. She has been awarded the Produce for Better Health Supermarket Dietitian of the Year in 2014, the Ohio Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year in 2008 and the Kentucky Beef Council Outstanding Service Award in 2013.


Janine, tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

I am the president and founder of Janine Faber Nutrition, LLC . My company focuses on retail and product marketing, health professional outreach and corporate and community training and education. With my extensive background in retail nutrition, I provide sound nutrition solutions via engaging media segments, cooking demonstration and presentations leading to improved health outcomes, increased store and product loyalty and positive sales results. I can also provide nutritional analysis for companies and organizations.


Tell me how you got started in nutrition.

My grandfather was a family physician in Lancaster County, PA, and he would share stories with me of his interactions with his patients. He built good patient-doctor relationships often being the primary doctor for many generations in a family. You could see his enthusiasm with the field of medicine, the research and helping people. He was very proud of his position. With his stories, I became interested in the healthcare field and helping people. Then, I took a nutrition course in high school and was immediately hooked on nutrition and how important balanced nutrition is in our lives for various health conditions, sports performance and everyday energy. This is when I found there was a position where I could use these passions together, as a registered dietitian.

Janine Faber Nutrition, LLC Cincinnati, OH


That is fantastic! I can imagine your career is extremely rewarding being able to have such a positive impact on the individuals and community you serve. Can you share with us what is the most rewarding part of your career?

I love interacting with people and providing nutritious solutions for families. As a mom myself, I know mealtimes can be stressful for parents, so I try to provide resources and recommendations to make it less daunting. I enjoy providing ideas for quick weeknight meals which a family can make and enjoy together or a new way for kids to enjoy more fruits and vegetables. The best reward is when someone says their family tried my idea or recipe and it was a hit!


I can easily relate. Mealtime is a struggle it seems at all ages when you have kids who are picky or reluctant to try new things! What are some of the most common questions or concerns that potential clients come in asking you?

The most common questions I receive are regarding how families can eat healthier and how to prepare fast, budget-friendly, healthy meals and snacks. 

Janine Faber, founder of Janine Faber Nutrition, LLC


Speaking of clients, what area or location do you serve?

I provide on-site presentations, media segments and cooking demonstrations for businesses and organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area. I also can provide educational resources, marketing content and recipes with brands all across the US.


Why would a business or organization choose your business to work with? What sets you apart?

With over 14 years of experience in the retail industry as a dietitian for Kroger and Meijer, I have extensive experience working with businesses, brands and consumers. I enjoy inspiring others through nutritious meals and tips via tv segments, presentations, social media, cooking demonstrations and written articles and blogs. I have been featured in 100+ media segments on local FOX, ABC, CBS stations and their affiliates.

I am also very active in the nutrition community as an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Greater Cincinnati Dietetic Association, Ohio Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Ohio Nutrition Council. I am a past president of the Ohio Nutrition Council and currently serve as an advisory board member for the Miami University Dietetic Program. 

Janine Faber with Janine Faber Nutrition LLC in greater Cincinnati

With all that you do currently, what else do you have time for? What keeps you busy when you are not working hard on your business?

When I am not working, I am out with my kids (2 years old and 4 years old) on adventures to the zoo, amusement park, aquarium, grocery store, farmer’s market or going for a walk around the neighborhood. You can also find me cooking in the kitchen and trying to squeeze in working out and food photography as well.

Janine Faber (Med, RDN, LD)

Janine Faber (Med, RDN, LD)

 How can readers contact you for further information?

If you are interested in having someone present at your organization’s next meeting on quick meals, healthy snacks, nutrition trends or other various nutrition topics, feel free to reach out to me! I am happy to discuss how we can work together. The best way to reach me is through or visit the website at You can also follow us on social media: Facebook: Instagram: @jkfaberrd LinkedIN:

 Thank you, Janine, for allowing Remember When Portraits to highlight your business this week during National Business Women’s Week in 2018. Many wishes for a prosperous and healthy upcoming year!