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53 Ways to Ensure an Enjoyable Portrait Session - Part Two

Here is Part Two of our Three-Part Series on 53 Ways to Ensure an Enjoyable Portrait Session. This time we are talking about ways you can prepare at home up to two weeks out from your scheduled session.

1-2 Weeks to the Session

  1. Select clothing 1-2 weeks prior to your session. It is a great idea to preplan out what you will want to wear the day of your session. If you need to go shopping for something new it gives you time to find what you are looking for without running up against a deadline.
  2. Dress for the season and location. Make sure regardless of the season that everyone will be comfortable with what they will have on and with what else they might need to stay warm or cold.
  3. Go for solid, yet coordinating colors and think about accenting colors with accessories. Certain colors help to slim down your waist while certain patterns or designs can have the opposite effect. Be aware of how the clothing piece you select works on your body type. Utilizing accessories with what may seem like a plain outfit can actually help bring the wow factor to your look without going over the top. Also try to compliment what others will be wearing in the portrait.
  4. Coordinate outfits; don’t duplicate. Unless you have twins who are the center of your session, it is best to coordinate family members than have everyone match. Each person in the photo is unique and special in their own way. Let their clothing selection show who they are amongst the group.
  5. Try not to pick logos or brands that have writing all over the clothing. Nothing screams trendy like a big logo across your chest. Make your photos timeless by selecting clothing that that suits who you are as a person without the extra writing.
  6. Let others in the photos have some say over what they wear. For some kids they aren’t too sure about this whole photography thing. The best way to get them comfortable is to get them involved. Let them have a say in what to wear for that day. Sometimes it can be as easy as giving 2 “parent approved” choices and then letting them pick between the two. It becomes a win-win for everyone!
  7. Iron your clothes, lint roll yourself and don’t forget to wear undershirts and booty covers when needed! It is always much easier to make clothing adjustments before the photo is taken than afterwards through editing. Likewise little girls don’t always act like ladies and undershirts can smooth out unwanted things seen underneath the outside layer of clothing.
  8. Decide if you want to wear your glasses or not. If your glasses help to define you, wear them with confidence! If you can take them or leave them, let your photographer know you are open to doing some photos with and some without. 
  9. Keep the sunglasses at home. Unless sunglasses are being used as props for everyone in the photo or is a part of your every day look, it is best to leave them off. Sunglasses can hide the eyes to your soul. A photo is only as good as the connection you see in the photo, which many times is through the eyes. 
  10. Plan to wear comfortable shoes. To get the right location sometimes you have to walk in grass, uneven pavement, climb a tree or crawl into what might look like an awkward place. If they are new, wear them around the house the week before to break them in. It is always best to be ready for your feet to take you where you need to go!
  11. Stay out of the sun and steer clear of tanning. Do your best to minimize risk of sunburn and tan marks a few weeks before your session. Likewise stay away from self tanner and the tanning bed as many times your skin's pigment can turn to a hue of orange that is not natural to you nor easy to edit. 
  12. Try new make up and hair ideas well before your session. What might look good in a magazine or easy to apply on a you tube video may not come out looking as you expected it to. It is always best to try to look like yourself for your session. Get haircuts and touch up coloring done 1-2 weeks prior to let the look become more natural.
  13. Plan accordingly based on your session date and your needs. If you need an extra hand for the toddler who you know will fall apart 20 minutes after you arrive, make plans for grandma to come and help with the little one while the rest of the family gets their photos taken.

1-2 Days Before

  1. Confirm your appointment time and date and put reminders in your phone. If your photographer doesn’t confirm, make sure to confirm yourself. It would be better to assure there are no miscommunications or misprints on the calendar before you arrive. A reminder on your phone will help keep you on time!
  2. If you’re sick look into rescheduling. Smiling does not come natural when you are under the weather. It would be best to be at your best the day of your session.
  3. Don’t drink the night before. Although it might calm your nerves, there is a greater chance you might hold onto some facial discoloring, some extra puffiness in your face and body or even end up with the type of hangover that makes you need to sit in the bathroom for hours on end the next day. 
  4. Get a good night’s sleep the night before. The body needs rest to reset and rejuvenate itself. Capture yourself and your family at your best by treating yourself to a solid night of sleep!
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