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Top 9 Tips for Parents of Seniors


Top 9 Tips for Parents of Seniors

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1- Buy the yearbook early

Out of all of the yearbooks you have had the chance to get over the years - this is the one to purchase. Buy it as early in the year as you can to assure your senior doesn’t forget until it is too late to order theirs!

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Start early, keep track of deadlines, and double check all submissions before sending them in. Whether it is the FAFSA for student loans, understanding the word count for an essay for a scholarship or knowing the deadline for their college of choice, now is the time to teach them that in order to achieve their goals they need to be proactive, organized and stay on top of the expectations the real world demands.

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7 - pay a professional photographer

This is it. The last year where you can call the shots. This isn’t only about their senior photos. It is, but really it is about capturing that one last family photo where you too need to be in it before things change. When was the last time you had family portraits taken? It probably has been a while I would imagine!

When you go to schedule their senior photos, ask if they offer a package that includes an add on family portrait session. By scheduling them both at the same time you will be certain to not miss this opportunity as it will go by too fast!

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2 - Let them experience every event they can

This is their last year to create high school memories! Let them stay late to watch the basketball team take it to state. Let them go see the latest band concert or play. Let them be with their friends before everyone moves away.

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5 - take your time to accept to college

If your senior receives 1 or 5 college acceptances letters, have them take their time before accepting any offers given. Compare the costs, the awarded scholarships and other factors that matter like distance, programs and living arrangements. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the college your senior wants to accept to for additional scholarship funding. The worst they can say is no.

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8 - let them go before they leave

“Senioritis” is a real thing. It may hit them early, mid or late in the year. However, stay ahead of it. Hunker down the first half of the school year and get as much if not all of it done - the parent meetings, knowing the deadlines, applying to schools and for scholarships, ACT/SAT retakes, planning spring break, etc. By getting all of the tedious, yet hard stuff done this gives you and your senior a chance to relax, enjoy and transition into them being more independent and moving into adulthood. Practice now while they are under your roof, but let them enjoy these last few months before it becomes their reality.

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3 - Make sure they understand money

All seniors need to understand how to balance a check book, how to write a check, how taxes work and how to save and spend when the time is right. These are skills that will help them to be successful in the real world.

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This is your last year to have their undivided attention to offer guidance, to make them understand we all make mistakes and that it is ok to come to you even after this year is over. Talk to them about the choices they make, the consequences they may face and the challenges they may experience. Don’t be afraid to share your own painful moments and let them know you are human too.

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9 - Savor every moment

This school year will truly go by so fast. Even faster than any other year you have experienced with your senior. Now is the time to hold on mom and dad. Give the extra hugs, sing and dance a little more, take one too many pictures on your cell phone. Once the end of the school year comes there is no turning back. This is a big life changing event - for them, for you and for all immediate family. Treasure every moment, spend this time wisely with your senior. Make it your goal to have the most positive memories come out of this year so in the future years they will want to continue to come home for more than just free laundry.

About Photographer, April Sova

Besides being a photographer, I am also a mom of 3 - one being in high school. I really understand where you and your senior are at right now - more than I care to admit! I love to work with teenagers who are beginning to dabble into adulthood yet are still enjoying their freedom as a high school student.

My goal is to meet your senior where they are at. Do they live in one outfit? Great! Let’s capture that in photos before they wear out those favorite jeans. Do they want hair & make up with 4 outfit changes in 2 locations? Perfect! I have yet to have a senior session where I was worn out before they were. I pride myself in never having called “uncle!” at a session. Is your senior shy or not really into this senior pictures thing? That is alright too. I am able to make miracles happen for those who are simply appeasing mom at this point.

I provide a stress free, fun experience that gives your senior a chance to be themselves, allowing them the opportunity to be featured on our blog using their own words and story, and create photographs that they will be able to look back in 20 years and say “thanks mom for making me get these done!”